Sport (G)

Recumbent bike seat. Model Sport G

Model Sport G

This model was designed with the goal of enabling a fast ride in a laying position. The main field of application for this product is based on construction where the leaning angle lies from 17 to 40 degrees from the surface.

We know about the importance of the dimensions and weight distribution for the aerodynamic properties of the bicycle, that’s why the model “Sport” is equipped with a lowered rib, allowing a maximal amount of durability alongside with a minimal amount of weight.

This model is valued by users that focus on a dynamic way of driving, not necessarily only on the race track. In case you value weight, speed and comfort, this model is the right one right one for you.

Recommended degree: Recumbency 15°-34°

Available materials: Fiber glass, Carbon, Cevlar with carbon.

– S 150<165cm.
– M 165<175cm.
– L 175<190cm.
– XL 185<195cm.


Model Size A B C D E Ventisit pad
S 265 235 280 710 835 SKU 1053
M  270  230  275  770  880 SKU 1191 
L  265  225  270  815  930 SKU 1067
 XL 275  235 280 845 950 SKU 1069
Detailed seats dimensions

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