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A comfortable seat is characterized by the ideal alignment to your back, assuring a comfortable seating position as well as a firm back support.
Each of the models provided by Thor possesses different characteristics and fields of application.

1. Which size?

Have a look on picture.


2. Which incline angle?
  • Sport/ Recumbency 15°- 34°
    The best application of the model „Sport” lies in bicycles with a build focused on sports. This model is slim, has a flattened seat and is provided with smooth ribs. We recommend this model for „lowracer” construction class and other types, in which aerodynamics and a low weight of the seat are valued.
  • Sitting 35°- 60°
    For a sitting position we recommend the models „Easy”, „Carrier” and „Trike”. These come with a construction, which is designed to avoid slipping of the seat. The models „Carrier” and „Trike” have a wider seat. The „wings” located on the back of the model „Carrier” enable the attachment of backpacks and also provide a better sitting experience for your back.
3. Which material?

Weight of seats depends on the size, model and fabric.

  • Carbon – 450<750g.
  • Glass – 1,1<1,4 kg.
4. Which model?
Recumbent bike seat. Model G Sport
Model G Sport

Model Sport G

This model was designed with the goal of enabling a fast ride in a laying position. The main field of application for this product is based on construction where the leaning angle lies from 17 to 40 degrees from the surface.

Model “Sport” has a lowered rib, allowing a maximal amount of durability alongside with a minimal amount of weight.

This model is valued by users that focus on a dynamic way of driving, not necessarily only on the race track.

Position: Recumbency; Material: Fiber glass, Carbon; Sizes: S, M, L, XL.

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Recumbent bike seat. Model Trike
Model Trike

Model Trike

This model will certainly be valued by trike, velomobile and quad users. While taking corners your vehicle is subjected to centrifugal force, which will try to push you out of your seat.

This is the reason why the „Trike” seat was built in a bucket-shaped way. Because of this special design, the centrifugal forces won’t stand a chance.

While using the „Trike” seat you will experience a stable and safe ride, especially during corners.

Position: Sitting; Material: Fiber glass, Carbon; Sizes: M, L, XL, XXL.

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Recumbent bike seat. Model Easy GS
Model Easy GS

Model Easy GS 

This model was designed to focus on a sitting position that is more upright. The main field of application for this product is based on construction where the leaning angle lies from 40 to 60 degrees from the surface.

A more upright sitting position allows a higher field of vision, giving „Easy” a great level of utility for a traffic- and tourism-based applications.

If you possess a bicycle and experience sliding off your seat, we recommend you this model.

Position: Sitting;  Material: Fiber glass, Carbon; Sizes: S, M, L, XL .

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Recumbent bike seat. Model Carrier
Model Carrier

Model Carrier

Model Carrier is a fusion of popular recumbent seats and the shape of the letter T.  As a result, we have created a new product, extremely comfortable and useful.

The upper part of the backrest has been expanded to give better support to Your shoulders.  In addition, you can hang your favorite backpack on this seat.

We know how important a comfortable seat is, especially on long journeys.

Position: Sitting;  Material: Fiber glass, Carbon; Size: M .

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5. Do you need comfortable pad for new seat?
Carrrier Ventisit Pad for recumbent bike seat from Thor Composite
Carrrier Ventisit Pad

Ventisit pads for all models and sizes.

Ventisit – is extremely durable, does not absorb moisture, is UV insensitive, odour free, colour-fast (only available in black) and will remain in good condition even after years of use. It is also very easy to clean. You can choose between Classic 2cm thickness or Comfort 3cm thickness. Price depends on size and thickness.

6. Do you need safety edge of seat?
    • If you need more safety seat edge or just looking high end look of your new seat, choose your color (transparent, black, white, red) of safety edge tape. Safety edge tape add about 55g. more grams to your seat.

7. Do you need seat customizing?
  • If your weight is over 90kg, your seat should be reinforced,
  • Seat’s fittings area adjusted to your frame brackets,

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