Tailbox Dolphin

Aerodynamic Tailbox dolphin
Aerodynamic Tailbox dolphin

The shape of the tailbox improves your bike’s aerodynamics and raises its speed and the additional cargo space allows you to take useful items while riding.

The most important features:
– 35L/9gal capacity
– Increases speed
– Fits Thor Composite seats*

The case is screwed by 6 screws (included) to the back of the chair. Thanks to this, the air can flow freely around the tailbox.

Aerodynamic Tailbox dolphin for recumbent bikes.

You can feel as if the invisible force pushes your back. Improved aerodynamics help maintain constant speed while riding long distances or taking part in races. After opening the top lid you will get an access to a 35-liter load space. The lid automatically locks when it’s opened so it doesn’t have to be held. In addition, a special type of closure protects against accidental opening while riding even in difficult bumpy terrain.

Technical details:
– material: Glass or Carbon,
– weight: about 3kg for glass,
– safety easy lock ,
– self-locking hinge of lid,
– available in colors: red, yellow, black, white,
– dimensions on technical drowings bellow this site.

* Fits models: GS Easy, G Sport, Carrier

To make sure your Dolphin tailbox will match your bike, take a look at the technical drawings available at the bottom of this parge.
If you have any doubts, write a message to us with a photo of your bike taken from the side and give us the wheelbase and we will prepare visualizations for you.

Price: Glass -350usd, Carbon -650usd
To make order, use order form, or just write to us using contact form or email directly.


Technical drawings:

You can order one here.

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