About us

you are probably wondering how the project „Thor” was created?

Thor Composite recumbent solutions
Thor Composite recumbent solutions

We have designed and produced recumbent bicycles since 2001. During this time we have created many models of this kind of bikes. A couple of years ago we concentrated our attention on seats and since then they became our passion. We are sharing this passion with recumbent bicycle producers as well homebuilders all around the world.

Alongside the production of well-known and trusted models like „Sport”, „Easy”, or „Trike” we continuously strive to improve the comfort and utility of our seats. Due to this efforts we managed to develop the model “Carrier” during the last year, allowing the connection of backpacks and transportation of cargo which increases the comfort of the seat, as well as the back rest.

Our effort turned out to be very successful. „Carrier” was acknowledged by hundreds homebuilders, that’s why we are planning to implement new sizes and a partial lifting this year. In the future our goal lies in the solution of ventilation problems related to the users back and also to integrate a seat that utilizes a headrest. Take a look at our products, we are looking forward to supplement your knowledge around recumbent bicycle seats.

If you are also passionate about the creation of recumbent bicycles and you are willing to construct something exceptional with us, please let us know through the contact option on this page.