Fit to frame


  1. Locate mountings areas on your seat.
  2. Collect tools, items
  3. Check how others fit their seat to frame
  4. Helpfull links

1. Mounting areas

Every seat has two points of fixation on back side (greens areas on a sketch). Each of these points is additionally strengthened.
One of the points is located in the seating part, the other one in the backrest part.

You should drill holes only in the predestined green areas, which are marked on the masking tape between the ribs.
Drilling holes in places, which are not marked (e.g. the ribs of the seat) can weaken the seat’s construction.

2. Needed tools/items:

  • screw gun/screw drill, M5 drillbit, screws set
  • filler/separator like rubber or InstaMorph

Seat assembly:

  1. Locate 2 mountings areas on the back seat
  2. Put the seat on the frame mounting bracket and center the seat
  3. Any space between the seat surface and the flat bracket fill by using Polycaprolactone plastic like InstaMorph or thick rubber.
  4. Drill holes through the seat mounting area, filler and bracket and screw it.

If you still are not sure how to do it or your bike has other type of a frame mountings bracket? Check how others fit their seats.
Many happy Thor Composite customers send us pictures to show how they fit theirs seats.

3. Pictures and links from others.

Cruzbike: Vendetta V20, S40, Silvio, Q45

Bachetta: CA 2.0 Areo, CA 2.0 Team, Giro

Other brands: Metabike, Optima Lynx, MetaPhysic, Schlitter Encore, M5 Zohrer, Velomotion, Volae

4. Helpfull links

Cruzbike forum (post 19) (post 44)