Fit to frame

page-icons-fitBefore you assemble your seat, please read the following instruction.

Every seat has two points of fixation. Each one of these points is additionally strengthened.
One of the points is located in the seating part, the other in the backrest part.

Thor composite - Seat model Sport - fitting area drawing.

Sample seat – fitting area drawing.

You should droll holes only in the predestined places, which are marked.
Drilling holes in places, which are not marked (e.g. the ribs of the seat) can weaken the seat’s construction.


  • screw gun/screw drill,
  • M5 drillbit (for wood),
  • Screws set. With any seat you get screws set: 8x: screws, nylon washer, rubber-metal washer and self-locking nuts.

How to fit:

    • locate the 2 marked points of connection under the seat and on the backside of the seat,
    • drill out 4 or 2 holes under each of the marked points of connection,