Easy (GS)

Recumbent bike seat. Model Easy GS

Model Easy GS

This model was designed to focus on a sitting position that is more upright. The main field of application for this product is based on construction where the leaning angle lies from 40 to 60 degrees from the surface. A more upright sitting position allows a higher field of vision, giving „Easy” a great level of utility for a traffic- and tourism-based applications.

In order to avoid sliding of the seat „Easy” is equipped with a cambered bulge placed prior to the seat. For bicycles with stronger emphasis on sports, where a small amount of weight and low aerodynamic resistance is preferred, we recommend the model „Sport (G)”

If you possess a bicycle and experience sliding off your seat, we recommend to lower the leaning angle or use the “Easy” model.

Recommended degree: Sitting 35°-60°

Available materials: Fiber glass, Carbon, Cevlar with carbon.

– S 150<165cm.
– M 165<175cm.
– L 175<190cm.
– XL 185<195cm.


Model Size A B C D E Ventisit pad
Easy(GS) S  265  230  310  720  870 SKU 1191
M  270  235  280  755  910 SKU 1067
L  270  225  280  795  960  SKU 1069
XL  280  225  285  830  1005  SKU 1019 or SKU1175
Detailed seats dimensions

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