Recumbent bike seat. Model Carrier

Model Carrier

Model Carrier is a fusion of popular recumbent seats and the shape of the letter T.  As a result, we have created a new product, extremely comfortable and useful .

The upper part of the backrest has been expanded to give better support to Your shoulders .  In addition, you can hang your favorite backpack on this seat.

With this solution, our favorite backpack turns into a cargo space that can be downloaded and taken with you at any moment.

But that’s not all !

We know how important a comfortable seat is, especially on long journeys. That is why we have expanded it to seat even more comfortable and giving more joy.

Model Carrier is at the moment available for people coming within the height of 170-185cm . Other sizes will be available soon .
We believe that the use of the Carrier seat will give You a lot of joy and satisfaction every day .

Recommended degree: Sitting 35°-60°

Available materials: Fiber glass, Carbon, Cevlar with carbon.

Size: M 165<175cm.


Model Size A B C D E Ventisit pad
Carrier M  450  320  750 885 SKU 1270
Detailed seats dimensions

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Yours sincerely ,
Gregory Antonovitch