Recumbent bike seat. Model Trike

Model Trike

This model will certainly be valued by trike, velomobile and quad users. While taking corners your vehicle is subjected to centrifugal force, which will try to push you out of your seat.

This is the reason why the „Trike” seat was built in a bucket-shaped way. Because of this special design, the centrifugal forces won’t stand a chance.

While using the „Trike” seat you will experience a stable and safe ride, especially during corners.

Recommended degree: Sitting 35°-60°

Available materials: Fiber glass, Carbon, Cevlar with carbon.

– M 165<175cm.
– L 175<190cm.
– XL 185<195cm.
– XXL 190<210cm.


Model Size A B C D E Ventisit pad
Trike M  200  340  320  750 885
L  210  350  320  800  935 SKU 1085
XL  220  370  350 820  970
XXL 235 395 385 870 1015
Detailed seats dimensions

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