Neck rest Comfort

The Comfort neck rest was created to ensure maximal comfort during riding a recumbent.

Its main features are:
– it buffers shakes,
– does not limit the head movements,
– ergonomic shape adjusted to the shape of the neck and head.

The head/neck rest consists of two major elements: Platform and Bearer.

Carbon platform, it’s ergonomic shape provides a larger support surface for the neck and head. It is covered by a 4mm layer of felt.
Ergonomic shape of comfort neckrest

A transparent elastic bearer made of flexible and durable material. Perfectly buffers all shocks while riding on any type of surface.

The head/neck rest can be perfectly adjusted to your favorite head position while riding. The bearer has two vertical slots by which you can adjust the height of the head/neck rest. The slot on the curvature allows you to choose the right angle of the platform’s grade relative to the head and neck.